My mom laughed when I told her she can stop working in 10 years' time...

Dear reader, 

During breakfast with my mom one morning I said: “Mom, did you know you can stop working in 10 years from now?
She burst out laughing...
It was the kind of reaction I expected. After all, my mom was in her mid 50s and hasn’t even started planning for her golden years...
It’s not her fault – She was simply caught up in what the mainstream media keeps saying about retirement.
She believed things like:
  • You must have lots of money to invest, to build your “nest egg”...
  • That you have to start saving into an RA from your very first pay cheque...
  • And that paying lots of fees to financial managers for retirement funds and advice is what it costs to be successful...
But based on my research, none of this is true.
You see, I’ve developed a unique strategy that’ll help my mom write a R2.7 million cheque in 10 years and still receive a stream of income for life...
When I told my mom about it, she was sceptical...
But when I showed her the numbers, she stopped laughing. 
She couldn’t believe her ears...
And I’m sure you won’t either.
Let me show you the numbers I showed my mom...
How to pay off all your debt and make way for your dream retirement...

If, like my mom, you’re 55, earn R360,000 a year, have no current retirement savings and spend R10,900 servicing your monthly debt, this report, Start Poor, Retire Rich can help you...
  • Work out exactly how much money you need to retire in ten years...
  • Prepare for your retirement under the new retirement reforms
  • Own your car, pay off your house and smash all your debts with R200
  • Turn cents a day into half a million rand... In just 10 years
  • And start your Autopilot Millionaire Portfolio today 
“I wish I knew about these secrets when I was younger”
“I am 53 years old next birthday and keep on telling my children about the unconventional millionaire mails that I am receiving. Wishing I have been in the loop a long time ago in order not to worry about retirement. Hopefully they will listen to the sound advice and be better off at 53. Keep up the good work.”
 - Johan Van Wyk
If you follow this strategy for 10 years, you’ll add R17,286,26.09 to your retirement savings...
In 20 years, you’ll have R78,699,741.21.

But how exactly does it work?
Let me show you...

How Start Poor, Retire Rich works...

In the first chapter of Start Poor, Retire Rich we break it down based on what stage you're at in your life:
  • You’re 50 – You’ve got 15 years to make some significant changes to your retirement plan
  • You’re 60/65 years old - You’re about to take your retirement pay-out and need to know what to do with it to make it last
  • It also reveals a low risk way to boost your retirement income if you’re about to take your retirement pay-out (60/65)
If you follow this plan I’m about to show you, you should be able to build enough wealth and generate as much income to live the retirement of your dreams no matter what category you fall into.

How to generate a lifetime of income for your retirement

One of the challenges that most retirees face is they don’t make enough money in the years before they stop working. Chapter three of Start Poor, Retire Rich is designed to help you do exactly that...
I will show you how to:

  • Create a perpetual stream of income for life
  • How not to dip into your retirement investments to fund your lifestyle
  • The only way to achieve a secure retirement
My mom has always wondered how much money she’ll need to retire, but she didn’t know how to work it out. 
I’m sure you’ve wondered too. After all, when you sit with a financial advisor to discuss this they always look at how much you want, not how much you actually need.
That’s why chapter four of Start Poor, Retire Rich will reveal a simple calculation you can use to work out exactly how much you’ll need to retire.
It’s so simple, you’ll be able to work it out in under an hour. You’ll know exactly how to calculate how much you have now and how much you’ll need to generate a steady stream of income for your golden years.

  Yes, I want to retire comfortably in 10 years

Don’t lose your retirement nest egg to risky investments

Do you know how much risk you can handle in your retirement planning? Well, the thing is, if you want to build your perfect retirement income portfolio, you need to match your investment risks with your retirement goals.
Now I know this sounds scary, but it really isn’t. Chapter five will help you assess exactly how much risk you can stomach so that you can find the perfect investment vehicle to get you the retirement you deserve.
Once you understand your risk you can pick the perfect income generating investments for your portfolio.

You’ve never had more income options than you do right now

Chapter five of Start Poor, Retire Rich is all about helping you find the perfect income generating investments.
I’ll reveal all the options that you have available. And let’s be honest – you’re spoiled for choice...
The pros and cons of income investments you can choose from:

  • Money Market
  • Bonds
  • Preference Shares
  • Investment Property
  • Dividend Shares
  • Funds
I’ll weigh up the pros and cons of each option for you ,so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your personal retirement goals. 

  Yes, I want to retire comfortably in 10 years

Your perfect retirement portfolio made easy

Once you understand your investment options things get really exciting. Chapter eight of Start Poor, Retire Rich will help you to implement everything you’ve learnt so far...
It’s time to start putting your money to work for you by building your perfect perpetual income portfolio that matches your risk appetite.

When I showed my mom how easy it is to put all this into action, she practically leapt across the breakfast table and kissed me!

My mom dreamt of securing an early and comfortable retirement for herself. 
Maybe you do too...
Or maybe you want to retire in exciting Panama City, buy a second home on the beach in Zanzibar or start that business you’ve been dreaming about…
No matter what your motivation, with my Start Poor, Retire Rich strategy, you can turn that dream into a reality!
I’ll show you a step-by-step formula to build the right investment formula for you:

  • An Aggressive Income Portfolio
  • A Moderate Income Portfolio
  • A Conservative Income Portfolio
But I know that you want more for your retirement. After all, you need all the help you can get. So, I’ve included a strategy that can help you...

Grow Your Money on Autopilot

If, like my mom, you’re worried about not having enough money to retire, let alone make it last for the rest of your life, then you’ll love chapter eight.
It’s an easy-to-follow way to generate an automatic stream of income for as long as you live. You can live in the comfort you’re used to for the rest of your life.
This is the ultimate retirement investment tool that you can put in place with just fifteen minutes of work.

How to manage your finances to live the retirement of your dreams

If you’re still paying off your car, house plus owe money on your Woolworths account and credit cards, listen up.
I’ll show you how you can own your car, your house and pay off all your debt with just R200 a month and still free up money to put towards your retirement. 
It’s no secret that you can’t carry debt into your retirement that’s why the second chapter of this book is dedicated to help you smash all your debts starting with just R200 a month.
If you follow this blueprint to a debt free retirement, you’ll be in a much better financial position to do the things you’ve always wanted to when you retire.
But I’ve taken it a step further...
In this chapter I’ll also show you how you can turn cents a day into half a million rand... in just ten years.
Once you know how to manage your finances, you need to start generating additional income and that’s exactly what chapter three will reveal.
If you act today, I’ll also include my special bonus report... 

  Yes, I want to retire comfortably in 10 years

Turn your spare time into extra income when you retire

Retirement is the perfect time for you to do the things you’ve always wanted to. This is the time that you should use to tick things off your bucket list, experience life the way it’s supposed to be lived, make money on your own terms and ultimately set a great example for the younger people in your family.
Why not use the free time and energy you have to boost your income and make sure you have enough money to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Use your life experience and passion and turn it into a lucrative, consistent and substantial income.
I want to show you how to start something you’ll really enjoy doing and make a steady stream of income in the process.
That’s why to round it all off, you’ll receive my special bonus report, Top Business Ideas For Retirees: Turn your spare time into extra cash with the best low cost high profit businesses for retirees.

The only guide you’ll need to live the retirement you want in 10 years’ time...

Stop dreaming of the retirement you want and start making it happen with my Start Poor, Retire Rich approach.
Imagine living a life where you wake up to chirping birds instead of an alarm clock... Where the only appointments you have is lunch with friends at the golf course and “date night” with your wife at your favourite grill house... 
Where you have the freedom to pack your bags, hop on a plane and visit your cousin in England like you’ve always promised... Where you have the financial freedom to tell your boss “I quit” and pursue your passion for photography.
No matter how you picture your retirement, you’ll be able to make it possible starting today...

  Yes, I want to retire comfortably in 10 years

Take one step closer to the retirement you’ve always dreamed of...

Today you can get Start Poor, Retire Rich for the special price of R495...
Now I know this sounds ridiculously cheap for something that’s going to do so much for you, but I’m a philanthropist. I believe you’re entitled to the retirement you’ve always dreamed of and, if there weren’t production costs involved, I’d gladly give you a copy of Start Poor, Retire Rich for free.
Get your copy today for this special price and discover the six easy steps you need to take to enjoy your golden years in 10 years’ time.
Let’s build your wealth together,

Joshua Benton,
Editor, Start Poor, Retire Rich
P.S. Get your copy of Start Poor, Retire Rich today and get a lifetime money back guarantee. If you feel it can’t help you retire in comfort in just 10 years from now, simply let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

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